We hold a large selection of threads for all of your general sewing, quilting and cross stitch projects.  A list of just some of these are provided below:


  • 100m Sew-all Thread
  • 250m Sew-all Thread
  • 100m Natural Cotton Thread
  • 800m Natural Cotton Thread
  • 200m Hand Quilting Thread


Madeira thread

  • 400m Aerofil Sew All Thread
  • 1,000m Aerofil Sewing, Quilting and Overlocking Thread
  • 200m Metallic thread
  • 200m Rayon Machine Embroidery Thread


  • Stranded Cotton
  • Stranded VariationsDMC threads
  • Stranded Metallic
  • Pearle 5
  • Pearle 5 Variations
  • Pearle 8
  • Pearle 12
  • 35m Diamant Metallic Embroidery Thread
  • Coloris New range of variegated threads
  • Coton a Broder


  • 200m Hand quilting threadYLI threads
  • 400m Hand quilting thread
  • 200m Pure Filament Silk Thread
  • 450m Machine Quilting Variegated Thread
  • 1,500yd Clear Wonder Invisible Thread
  • 1,500yd Smoked Wonder Invisible Thread


  • 450m Size 40 Strong Low Lint Thread
  • 450m Size 40 Strong Low Lint Variegated Thread