The selection of wadding for your quilt project is very important and different wadding products appeal to different quilters.  With this in mind we currently stock the best products relative to the varying price ranges available.  Wadding selection includes:


Quilters Cotton Dream WaddingQuilters Dream Cotton 100% pure cotton batting is pre-packed in a selection of seven sizes ranging from Craft Size 46” x 36” up to King Size 122” x 122".

  • Beautiful, soft and warm
  • Highest grade USA cotton. Carded, crosslapped, needlepunched for strength and quality.
  • Hand and machine needles glide smoothly through the fine, consistent, even batt.
  • Finished quilt may be gently machine-washed and dried.
  • Stitching may be up to 8" apart. Stitch as closely as needed and your quilt will remain soft and flexible. Closer stitching gives more of the 'Antique Puckered' look.
  • Pre-washing is not recommended. Quilters Dream Cotton is very clean with minimal shrinkage of 1%.

Quilters Dream Cotton Wadding is provided in Request and Select grades as follows:

Request – The thinnest loft, exceptional for hand quilting and excellent for machine quilting.  The perfect batting for antique quilts, wearable’s, warm climates and lightweight quilts.  Beautiful soft drape.

Select – Mid loft, excellent for hand and machine quilting.  Most popular choice for longarm machine quilting.  The perfect versatile batting for warm, soft, drapeable quilts and quilted projects.  Also excellent for crafts.


Quilters Dream Poly batting is made from an exclusive blend of fine denier microfibres that imitate the softness, warmth, drape and breathability of natural fibres.  This wadding is pre-packed in a selection of seven sizes ranging from Craft Size 46” x 36” up to King Size 122” x 122”.

  • Carded, crosslapped and needlepunched for exceptional consistent quality.
  • No resin or scrims.  Your needles will glide easily through this fine batting.
  • Stitches up to 12” apart.
  • Excellent for tied quilts.
  • No pre-washing.  Colourfast.
  • Finished quilt may be machine washed and dried.  Low/no shrinkage.
  • Very resistant to wrinkles, creases and fold lines.
  • Quilters Dream Poly is provided in Request and Select grades as follows:

Request – Thinnest loft.  Wonderful light weight.  Exceptional for hand quilting.  Very good for machine quilting.

Select – Mid loft. Excellent for machine quilting.  Very good for hand quilting.


You can feel the difference that Warm and Natural adds to your artistry.  Create magnificent quilts, decorative wall hangings and wonderful wearable art.  The batting’s durability and versatility also makes it ideal as an exterior craft fabric.  Use Warm and Natural to add character to your cuddly soft sculpture creations.

This soft, natural cotton has never been washed or bleached with harsh chemicals (it’s kinder to the environment, kinder to the batting).  The tiny plant particles that lend a special look to crafts when used as an outside fabric will not damage your fabric when used in your quilt.  Shrinkage will be about 3% with the first washing.  Some quilters prefer not to pre-wash, achieving the unique effect created be the slight shrinkage of the batting when the completed quilt is washed.

  • Warm and Natural 100% cotton fibres are punched by hundreds of needles through a strong, thin base material to prevent tearing, shifting or migration.  The evenly layered fibres stay in place inside your quilt, even after a lifetime of gentle washing.
  • The needling process used to make Warm and Natural holds the fibres together without glue allowing your quilting needle to glide easily through the layers.  Fine hand quilting is easy and machine quilting is a breeze.
  • Stitch your quilting lines close together because you want to, not because you have to hold the batting together.  Quilt up to 10” between rows.  Your quilt is finished faster with Warm and Natural because the quilting line can be further apart.
  • What a disappointment to finish a beautiful quilt only to have the fibres from the batting work their way through the quilt top.  This is known as bearding.  It won’t happen with Warm and Natural.


Soft and Bright is the perfect polyester batting for quilts, crafts and wearable art.  The special way Soft and Bright is manufactured makes a big difference in your creative projects.

  • Soft and Bright needled polyester batting undergoes the same manufacturing process that makes Warm and Natural the nation’s leading batting.  Premium quality polyester fibres are needlepunched into strong thin base material that prevents tearing and bunching.
  • The needling process used to make Soft and Bright holds the batting together without glue or resins.  The fibre is fluffy and soft to the touch.  The evenly layered fibres stay in place inside your quilt even after a lifetime of washing.
  • Soft and Bright needled polyester batting makes free-motion quilting a breeze. The thin base material holds the polyester in place which eliminates slipping. Your fabric clings to Soft and Bright as it does with Warm and Natural when you feed it under your sewing machine foot.
  • Finish your quilts faster by allowing up to 10” between stitching rows.  You   can even make a tie quilt with knots 10” apart.  Confidently use a hoop for hand quilting.  Soft and Bright stays flat and even.


Hobbs Bonded Fires developed this cotton batting to be a natural fibre alternative to polyester for the discriminating quilter.  Heirloom is wonderful to quilt for hand or machine.  Quilts van be quilted up to 3½” apart.

  • Heirloom cotton is made from 80% long staple cotton fibres and 20% polyester.  The combination of these fibres creates a strong, long wearing batt, and is very easy to work with.
  • Hobbs Heirloom Cotton will give your quilts the flatter, more traditional look of antique quilts, without the need for excessive quilting.
  • Heirloom Cotton can be quilted as close as ¼” and as far as 3½” apart.  Close quilting will be very flat, and more space between quilting will give a slight amount of loft.
  • This batting is lightly needlepunched and resonated with a soft resin to provide stability of the fibre and prevent the polyester from breading.  This process makes Heirloom cotton batting uniquely easy to quilt by hand.
  • Heirloom Cotton will shrink up to 5%, to give the characteristics of antique quilts, this product may be pre-soaked if no shrinkage is desired.
  • Heirloom provides warmth, yet it breathes for comfort.  It drapes beautifully, yet does not stretch during the quilting process or when hung.